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- St Agnes Chiropractic sponsors an African child from Adullam Children's Home in Africa.

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Dr Yasmine Lintvelt

Dr Yasmine Lintvelt graduated as a Chiropractor from RMIT in Melbourne and has over 7 years experience in the health care and fitness industry. Having grown up with chiropractic, Yasmine knows how beneficial chiropractic care is and has a passion for helping others.

Dr Yasmine has had an interest in the human body and health from a very young age, especially health within families and the community. She was introduced to chiropractic as a child and decided at 7 years old she would grow up to be a chiropractor too. Yasmine is passionate about health and wellbeing and is an avid fitness fan, with experience with a number of sports including rock climbing, hiking, Aerial Artistry, snow sports, basic dance, athletics, running, poi, casual cycling, rugby, netball and basketball, as well as standard gym activity, weight lifting, and classes. This allows her to be familiar with the biomechanical actions associated with these activities, and how chiropractic can help improve performance or assist with sport injury recovery.

Dr Yasmine utilises a wide variety of techniques from manual and drop table adjustments to activator, SOT and TRT techniques. She has an interest in rehabilitative exercises to help bring about maximum health in her patients. Dr Yasmine works with people of all ages from babies through to the elderly.