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- St Agnes Chiropractic sponsors an African child from Adullam Children's Home in Africa.

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We are here to help provide you with quality chiropractic care and remedial massage. It can be beneficial to have a massage prior to undergoing chiropractic treatment.

What our Chiropractors do

It is important to completely understand the nature of the presenting complaint of each patient. To this end, a full case history and an intensive physical examination are performed. If we are not entirely satisfied that your symptoms are cause by a misalignment of the spine, you will be referred to the correct physician. This is extremely important when symptoms include chest and/or abdominal pain.

The techniques used will vary from person to person but generally, gentle non invasive, low force techniques will be employed primarily using the chiropractic blocks or wedges, the activator and some gentle adjustments.

Obviously treatment for babies, the elderly, people in acute or severe pain, those with osteoporosis, arthritis or any other bone disease will be treated according to their condition. This means that chiropractic treatment is safe for people of any age or physical condition.